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The HerbScience mission is to bring herbal medicine into the 21st Century with the help of modern science. Our goal is to develop innovative formulations that are extensively researched, based on the most recent available studies and scientific data, in order to deliver measurable results.

With 20 years of experience in the field of integrative medicine and an academic background in ethnobotany, clinical herbal medicine and clinical research we identify potential new medicines from a unique perspective.

Articles and publications

Cynthia has received the Kiwinet Student Entrepeneur of the year award for HerbScience.

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Viclink’s news release on the Momentum committee and Cynthia’s experience of receiving a Momentum grant.

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An interview with Cynthia by Viclink about her journey and experience with Viclink and Momentum.

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Cynthia’s received the 2018 AMP Regional Scholarship for the Lower North Island for her natural anti-biotic project.

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An article about Cynthia’s AMP Scholarhip award, and the journey towards developing herbal antibiotics.

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An article by Cynthia for Natural Parent magazine about her personal journey and the rise of anti-biotic resistance.

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